Reverend David Hamilton Greer   B.Th., Dip.Th., M.B.A.C., M.I.C.

is a graduate of the Lebanon Missionary Bible College, the European Institute of Evangelism (Switzerland) and Maranatha Theological Seminary (The Philippines). He has a Bachelor of Theology Degree, a Citation in Counselling Skills as part of a Diploma in Counselling, a Certificate of Missionary Training, and is a member of the Institute of Counselling and the British Association of Christian Counsellors.   He is Founder and President Emeritus of Foundation Ministries, a counselling ministry which he set up in 1979 and currently based in Armagh City.   He is a published Author and experienced Broadcaster. He has preached in over 30 countries worldwide, and is presently planning to establish The Sanctuary  as a Christian Community Church without labels.   He has been working as a presenter with “Shine fm” since April 2008. Rev Greer’s ministry – The Sanctuary has had more than 20,000 hits on the Shine fm web page.

Rev’d David H. Greer has been teaching from the Scriptures for more than 35 years across the world.   David was ordained to the ministry of the Word and Sacrament in 1982, and since then his ministry has touched the lives of hundreds who have responded to the challenge of God’s Word

David says “Milton, the poet said _the hungry sheep look up and are not fed_ and this has troubled me all my preaching life. God forbid that I should deliver a sermon that lacked any Spiritual nourishment for those who look up to me in any pulpit”.

“As I read, study and ponder the word, it is my prayer that God will feed me, so that I can feed others. So when I have been fed and blessed by the word, there is a compulsion on me to pass it on, and to do so, with a sense of urgency.

Truly Gods people are destroyed by lack of understanding, and often hold back from service feeling unworthy to do Gods bidding. Only One was worthy to do the Fathers will, his name is Jesus. What I cannot do, He can do through me.”

More than 350 Sermons are in the Radio Ministry Archive

And include such topics as…

  • The Healing Power of God
  • Nothing Negative Never
  • When God calls he equips
  • A Holy Vision
  • The Battle for Faith
  • The Power of Praise
  • How to sleep well
  • Sowing expecting Harvest
  • When Prayer Changes things
  • Living in victory
  • Blockages to Blessing

NOTE: For almost 40 years now David has been preparing Sermons, Messages and Seminars from a variety of sources and resources worldwide. He wishes to make a personal statement of gratitude to those who have particularly inspired his radio ministry, – Authors, Broadcasters and Commentators who through their own writings, published articles and other information in the public domain, have prompted quotations and illustrations for his sermons.   He is particularly grateful to the following for their inspiring notes, quotes and anecdotes. C.H. Spurgeon, Bishop T.D.Jakes, Pastors D Wilkerson, Carter Conlon, Dr S.Olford, Creflo Dollar, Andrew Womack, and Rev Geo..S.Dickson.

These, and many more inspired   messages are available to your Church right now.

A more comprehensive list of Seminars, Sermons, and Messages are available to Church leaders on request


David has memorised by heart, more than 16 chapters from the Four Gospels , and this presentation could be a great blessing to your church at a special event!