Prayers 1

Almighty and Merciful Father, we come humbly and reverently in your presence to pray for ourselves and for our needs. We acknowledge with great thankfulness all the many benefits and blessings that are ours every day, especially the blessings that we never notice, and rarely appreciate. We rejoice that your faithfulness reaches unto the heavens, and your giving does not depend on our gratitude to you for those gifts, but is measured entirely on your great compassion and your boundless love towards us. Lord this is why we may come boldly to you as children to a father, knowing that your patience is as far reaching as your love, and your forgiveness is as generous as your affection for us in Jesus Christ our Saviour. Refresh and Restore our Commitment to you, to your Word, and to your Son, so that in our thinking, in our words and in our actions , we may bring Glory to your Great name, and be an example to others, as your obedient servants all the days of this our earthly pilgrimage. We worship you, for you are our hope and our help, and we acknowledge you as Lord, both of our lives and of our circumstances. We praise and thank you for your precious word, ever a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. Inspire and uplift our souls from its holy and unchanging truth as we read and meditate upon it today, and grant that our living may be challenged and changed for the better as a result of it. You have promised that your word will not return to you empty or void, but will accomplish the great and eternal purposes on your heart for us. To this end then, anoint and inspire us so that prompted by your Word without, and your Holy Spirit within, we may become doers of the word and not hearers only. Give us steadfastness in the journey of life so that being in a Christ consciousness, we may influence others for good and for God, for we ask these things in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus our Saviour, and for his Great Glory, Amen.

Prayer of Intercession & Lords Prayer

Father of Mercies and God of all Comfort, we come before you at this time to plead the cause of those who appear less fortunate than we ourselves. Those who as yet know little or nothing of your tender mercies, your compassion and love and those who are still strangers to the blessings and ways of God. Motivate and move your Church to its great mission of Evangelism in these last days, so that the house of God may be filled, and the marriage supper of the lamb may be thronged with the ransomed healed restored and forgiven, from every nation under heaven. We remember all who suffer at this time, and especially those who are sick at home or in hospital, and all who care for them and minister to their needs. We thank you for Doctors, nursing staff and those who research ways and means of alleviating pain and suffering within our hospitals and great institutions. We pray for those who have recently lost their loved ones and for those for who this day brings back sad memories. Comfort in your loving kindness all whose eyes are filled with tears, and whose hearts are filled with sorrow, so that in this dark and difficult time they may understand the boundless love of God, and experience your great peace which passes all understanding. Across the wider world today grant peace among the nations and prosperity among the people, wisdom to all who are appointed to leadership, and equality for all … as created in your likeness, and destined for your purpose. As Jesus has taught us, may love conquer every evil, your peace overcome every sorrow, and your will and way succeed in every trial. Be near to those who have been the victims of recent natural disasters, and grant them aid and sustenance in the midst of their discomfort and despair. Give to the various aid agencies the resources and manpower they need to alleviate the pain and plight of so many and help us realise that this world and its natural resources and well-being are our responsibility and that we all have a duty to preserve the benefits and blessings that your hand has provided, for we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus who taught us when we pray to say

Our Father…