Prayers 7

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father we come with gratitude and joy in your Holy Presence thankful for all the mercies benefits and blessings that come our way, simply because Jesus came first! We thank you for His life love and example, and for his words, powerful penetrating peaceful words that still echo today in the courts of those places where men and women gather to worship you. So we pray Lord that today as we gather together over these air waves, to read and meditate on the Sacred page, that you will inspire us to greater things. Forgive us for our small-mindedness, and lack of faith, and enable us to see you in all your greatness and worship you in all your glory. Give us a new wisdom and understanding from your heart, that we may be strengthened with power in the inner man to do what is righteous in your sight, and in the eyes of the watching world!

We know Lord that you will have mercy upon all who seek your forgiveness and on all who wrestle with addictions to evil, who struggle every day to know a better life, and who long for freedom and release. Break the bondages that grip master and control the mind and the body, and deliver us from all the evil snares into which we can so easily fall. Help us to understand the victory that can be ours in Jesus Christ, and help us to surrender to His will and increase the outworking of His Spirit in our lives. Give grace to many listening today, to leave the world side, and begin to walk with God. Anoint all those who preach the “unsearchable riches of Christ in the Gospel of Salvation” that their words may be sharp as a sword, but gentle as a lamb, challenging yet caring, and timeless yet timely, appropriate and relevant to the needs of the people where they are. Bless the proclamation of the Gospel across the world, that the great commission of Jesus may be realised, and the message preached to the whole world, before the Lord Returns. We ask all these our prayers in the precious name of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

Prayers of Intercession

Heavenly Father, we come again at your Throne of mercy to pray for all those less fortunate than ourselves, and especially for all enduring difficulty and trial at this time. We thank you that nothing can be or will be hidden from your knowledge, and as you see and identify us in our need, we pray that you will send us the help we need so that our world may become a better place for all. We remember Lord especially today all those who are suffering with illnesses and sicknesses of one form or other. All who are feeling unwell, and in need of your healing touch. We bless you loving Lord that you are still the Great Physician, and still the sympathizing Saviour. Walk and work through your Children today to the suffering world and bring help and healing, touch many who listen right now with the healing balm of your presence and power, minister to their need and raise them up to newness of life, give faith for health and wholeness in the name of Jesus. Remove and dispel all fears anxieties and worries, and may the knowledge of your great love in Jesus Christ replace the doubts that cause depression and dejection. Give us to understand that we are loved with an everlasting love, and have been led by grace to know that love. Help us always to look up, for when the appears little earthly hope, there is always heavenly help. Do not allow us to give up on God, and to neglect or abandon the place of prayer, for it is often that the deepest darkness is just before the dawn. Lord grant to the Church a mission and message that changes lives and challenges wrongs, so that your rule and your reign may come quickly, and that all the evils around us be removed and the good things of life that have enriched our living may be restored and valued. Give to our world a greater sense of the preciousness of our planet and the natural resources that are ours to be cherished and treasured. Help us not to squander these commodities but to use them wisely and sparingly for the benefit of all. Give us Justice and Equality for all, and leaders who will seek the heart of God, for the heart of the nations. Give us peace in our troubled times, and help us to be reconciled to you and one another, we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus, who taught us when we pray to say

“Our Father …..” Amen