Public Prayers 12


Father In Heaven, increasingly we feel our need of you in these dark and difficult times, which is why we come today to wait and worship in your presence – to be strengthened of the Holy Spirit, because we know that you and you alone are the source of our strength.   Lift us above every worldly giant to stand on higher ground, above all the evils around us.

We are regularly pressed down and pressurized by such evils that would rob us of our peace with God, and the joy of our Salvation.


Help us take the name of Jesus with us wherever we go, that we may walk always in his light and in his victory. In every season may we be productive with testimonies that build faith and create hope.   We rejoice in the truth that we serve a “mighty God” and that we have been engrafted into His family and flock in Jesus our Saviour.


May we know and experience your leading and guiding every moment so that we do not miss the valuable opportunities we have to minister and

marvel in your power and presence.


Every day, may we walk in health and strength, and in the prosperity that belongs to the Kingdom of our Father.  May the work which you have begun in our hearts be enhanced continually, so that we might produce the fruits of righteous living – building faith and blocking fear.

Into this new week may the fire of your Spirit burn brightly in our souls and bring glory to Jesus every single day.   Guard the words on our lips, the thoughts in our minds, and the works of our hands – so that in all of these things you may be revealed more and more, reflected in our walk and talk.


And now as we read and ponder the scriptures in this Service may your Holy Spirit enlighten our understanding and motivate our way of living

for the good of others around us, and the glory of our Saviour.


In whose mighty name we Pray   AMEN


Public Prayers & Intercessions 12


Loving Lord, you are the Creator and Sustainer of our world, and in you we live and move, and have our being.
As we, who are the body of your church, give thanks for all it means to us, we remember with gratitude those who have gone before us; strong in Faith sharing the Gospel, to found societies, raise funds, lay foundation stones, and maintain a Christian presence. Support and Strengthen us as we too seek to do your will in the furtherance of your kingdom. Help us to be bold in our strivings towards that unity and to take your church, united in its purpose, out into our communities where the need for that knowledge and love of Christ has not diminished.

We acknowledge that at times our track record of loving our neighbour has not been good, and as we look around our world today we see examples of war, terror, greed and mistrust that must break your heart. Our world seems to lurch from one conflict to another – one crisis to another. And yet there are men and women of faith, wisdom and courage who will stand up for justice and freedom, often at great personal risk. And so we pray for the peacemakers, the negotiators – those with seemingly endless patience who bring the warring factions to the negotiating tables.
In those lands and regions torn apart by tribal, religious or historical divisions, Direct their paths towards peace and reconciliation, that through your grace, fresh hope may be found. We pray for all innocent victims of hatred and violence, for peoples caught up in conflicts, through no fault of their own.   We remember and pray for our own armed forces as they are asked to do difficult and dangerous tasks far from home and loved ones. Help them to act justly and when the opportunity arises to show mercy and compassion. May the time come soon Lord when the

need for such missions are no more.
In all aspects of this great challenge to be light in a dark world, show us how to work in partnership with you and with one another and to trust in you and in your unquestionable love for us; and we

ask all these our Prayers and Petitions in the name of Jesus our Saviour who taught us to pray and say …”Our Father…”