Public Prayers 11


Heavenly Father, We thank and praise you today for all of life’s blessings and acknowledge that whatever is in our keeping it is not ours but God’s!   We thank you that your promise to Abraham to

bless him, and make him a blessing – is a promise that all of your children can claim because we are the products of that Covenant.

When we understand and accept this great truth it becomes easy for us to give; both to the work of God and to His Church, and to needy people all around us. Empower and enable us today to make this a conscious lifestyle – to be God’s blessing to our world.


We thank you that you are a blessing-God and that you always love to bless people. The Scripture says, “The eyes of the Lord run to and fro upon the earth wanting to show Himself strong on behalf of them whose hearts are perfect toward Him”.   In the same way Father that you are constantly looking around for someone to do something good for, someone to bless, give us that same desire to imitate You!   We know Lord that you won’t come down from heaven to do it – but you need your Church in the earth to bless the earth. That’s why you are training us and teaching us to give, to be caring and concerned about all the needs of others.


Help us realize that we are God’s point of contact in our world; we are your contact-point of blessings! We Lord are not those trying to get the blessing for ourselves, for we have already been lavishly blessed to become a blessing! May we Never hold back when you lead us to give up our time, our talents, our money, or our lives for the sake of others and the advancement of your kingdom.


We thank you today for the self-giving example of Jesus, for his boundless love and his endless compassion. May we truly follow in His steps and go about doing good.   Bless us now and open our hearts to receive from your word as we read and study it together

in this hour, for your dear names sake.   Amen.


Public Prayers & Intercessions 11


Father in Heaven, God of all wisdom and power, we are but dim lights in your hand, yet thankfully as we are held in your hand we are thus enabled to burn brightly and to shine for Jesus.

You have brought us out of darkness into the Kingdom of light; the Kingdom of your dear Son; Therefore, we must let go of any attitude that is not of God. Forgive us when our way of life does not portray the new nature of righteousness that we had received. As a Christian, and as a Believer, help us to realize and recognise the importance of the truth that we have been completely delivered from the worldly lifestyle. Our old nature of sin was supplanted with God’s nature of righteousness.

The Scriptures reminds us that the old lifestyle, the old ways of thinking and of doing things have been replaced. This is why as

a new creation we cannot and must not make a habit of doing wrong. People around us may still remember our old ways, our fallen nature and our selfish motives, but we bless your Holy name today Father that the Bible says, that we are washed, we are sanctified, we are justified in the Lord Jesus, our sin bearer and our Saviour.

We praise you that we have been separated from sin unto God, and declared righteous. Help us to walk in our new identity and catch the vision of the new way you want us to live. Our world is still in great darkness, there is pain and poverty, cruelty and wickedness in many god-less places. Enable us to shine as lights into those darkened corners of our world, and bring hope and help to them, in Jesus name.

We remember lovingly in your presence all of our Brothers and Sisters who are passing through times of testing and trial at this hour, – bring them victoriously into that new level of faith that makes them over-comers against all the odds. We thank you that there is never panic in Heaven, and we ask for a greater confidence in your Almighty Power. So we make these our Prayers and Petitions in the name of Jesus who taught us to pray and say …

Our Father …