Public Prayers 10


Almighty God our Father in Heaven,

we thank you for your Spirit that lives within us as your children. Enable us to pay attention to him today and always as he speaks to us from your Word, and counsels us from within. And as we yield to Him more and more, may we become better acquainted with His voice. We love you today, and appreciate every opportunity we have to fellowship with you in prayer and to worship you. We thank you for this hour; because these moments spent alone with you are significant in improving our lives and shaping our destiny as we become synchronized with your perfect will and purpose.


Your word teaches us that when it is applied, it prevails and produces result under all circumstances, and you have promised that “Heaven and earth may pass away, but your word shall not pass away”

We praise you that your word will win in the end.

We bless you that we worship a God who is confident about the efficacy of His Word and who wants us to know it, so that we can commit to it and apply it to our personal circumstances.   We thank you for the example of Abraham who staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief – but he applied the Promise of that Word to his life. He believed what God said, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. He trusted and followed the Lord wholeheartedly, with the confident assurance that God’s Word would not fail.

We know Father that this is what you expect of us today; to trust and believe that the Word works all the time. Your Word is the infallible remedy to all of life’s challenges; it is trustworthy, and designed to make us a champion winner in life when we believe it and act on it. So Lord, Irrespective of the challenges we may face into this new week, our victory is in the Word! May we know how to Use the Word to change our world, and then surely we will have a testimony to its power.

Feed us now as we wait on this Bread of heaven, as we partake of this precious Word, may it nourish and sustain us every one.

We ask it for your Great Glory and our Eternal Good.

In Jesus name, AMEN

Public Prayers & Intercessions 10


Father of Grace and God of all Glory, we praise and worship you for there is none like You. You alone are worthy of all adoration, and Your praise should continually be on our lips.   We bring before you in our prayers, the nations of the world, asking that your mighty power be seen in demonstration in every land.   That the hearts of every man, woman and child be touched by Your Spirit daily.   We seek help and healing for our world; because we see Your Word and Work spreading over the planet as the waters covers the sea; and we thank you for this present, precious spread of the Gospel.   We pray that the nations be healed of every natural and spiritual drought, that the waters of refreshing may flow out into

all those dry and lifeless regions.


Give life to the lands, that the harvests fail not, that springing forth from the ground may be an abundance to meet every need. Grant strength and wisdom to those who lead the people, that wrongs may be righted, and hope and harmony raised.   May Your name Lord be magnified in the Church and may your Glory be evident in a growing prosperity that

the Presence and Love of the Father will be felt like never before.


And what we ask for our world, we ask for ourselves, a greater sense of your bounty and blessing.   In these dark and difficult times, may our focus be continually on the God who clothes and feeds the grass of the field and has promised to clothe and feed us also.   Free us from anxieties and cares, worries and fears about tomorrow, and help us to praise

you today for today’s bread!


In the mighty and powerful name of Jesus we ask you to

reach out in your loving mercy to all who need a healing touch on their body, … restore, renew, refresh, and revive all whose souls are sinking under the pressure of sickness and infirmity.   Feed and nourish our bodies and our souls as we wait in your presence right now, and

glorify your Son our Saviour, in whose name we pray and say …

Our Father….