Public Prayers 9


Father in Heaven, you have called us to a glorious life. A life without struggle, failure, regret or pain! You have called us to live a victorious, successful and impactful life on earth. Yet without Jesus we can have none of this. We need your presence and power working in us and through us every moment of every day, so we wait before you now in this hour of worship, that we may be God prepared for the days ahead.

Our desire is to be actively involved in serving you, attending to the Lord and to His work. In this new week of our journey with you,

we expect to relish each moment and enjoy all the beautiful things

that you have placed on our path.


In our walk with Christ, if we have been struggling, it’s time to quit the struggle and start enjoying our walk, – handing over our cares and problems, our pressures and pains, to Jesus who said to all who labour and are heavy laden …” I will give you rest”.   Thank you loving Lord that we can know that perfect rest, every single day.   Enable us to confess and posses the truth that we have entered into our rest. Help us leave the struggles behind and shelter under your mighty Wings.

We bless you Father that you desire all your children to have and enjoy life to the full, the abundant and overflowing life; So then Lord may we refuse to worry about anything, and instead, cast all our cares on you.

As Christians, born of God and bound for Glory, may we consistently be involved in the spiritual activity of witness; not just in idle discussions, but speaking the same promises in harmony with what our Father in heaven has promised concerning us.


Your word says something beautiful about every area of our lives; Glorious things are spoken of us in Zion, but we acknowledge Lord that it’s up to us, to find out what these things are and speak the selfsame things whether they appear or not, – because until we speak it, we cannot see it.   Give to us a greater Faith and a greater Fire so that we might burn brightly for Good and for God into this new week; and so, we ask all these things, for your dear names sake. Amen



Public Prayers & Intercessions 9


Father of Mercies and God of all Comfort – Necessity is laid on us today and every day to take a stand in prayer and release and share the word of God, so help us Lord to continue to pray and declare that Word until it grows mightily and prevails in our land and across the nations of the world. Everyday, we are instructed to hold an outstretched arm to a world of dying and broken humanity.

It is our responsibility to saturate the earth with the Gospel, the divine truth, the good news that God wants us to live, free from sin, and well in body and mind. We thank you that Jesus still heals today and he wants to do so through His Church. You have told us to, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely we have received, freely give.”

Let the compassion of Christ flow through us to all those around us. Let the pain and sufferings that others go through, move us to pray alongside their beds of pain. We know Lord that Sickness, disease and infirmity are not from you. They emanate from the Evil One.   Your word shows us that it is HE who “… has come but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy…”   But we thank you that the Lord Jesus on the other hand came, “…that we might have life, and have it more abundantly”   Move and motivate us as a Church to intercede, to pray for those who cannot and do not pray for themselves, and are often without God and thus without hope.


Then dear Father, enable us also, to stand in the gap and raise our voices against the evils of these last days.   Enable us to warn our families friends and neighbours of the judgements to come, and not to scare them but prepare them to meet their maker. Give us courage in difficult times to be bold for the Saviours sake.

Lord, show us victorious as your servants in every trying testing and troubling time. For we ask these things in the name of Jesus

your Son our Saviour – who taught us to pray and say …

“Our Father”