Public Prayers 8


Blessed Lord, Sovereign of Heaven and Earth, King of Glory and King of Grace, we worship and stand in awe of your person, your power and your presence.   Unworthy in ourselves of the very least of the benefits and blessings that are ours today, yet having been made worthy and partakers of all that heaven affords us through Jesus Christ our Lord.

You have gladdened our hearts by the many glimpses given us into eternal and everlasting truths, and have bidden us even now in this sacred hour, to rest and reflect on your goodness and grace.


We bless your holy name that we have been washed from the stains of our sins, and been given promise and power to put away all present evils, so that being freed from the bondage and burden of sin, we may ever produce that fruit of righteous living, the worthy fruit of repentance.

Enable us always to enthrone you in our hearts. May nothing or

no-one else, ever rob you of that first place in our lives.

Grant that you and you only, may always be the source of our joy, our strength, our hope, our shield, our Shepherd and our Lover for ever.

Let the flame of your love burn incessantly in our hearts. Let it grow and brighten until our souls shine with your light and warmth.   May our work and witness for Jesus our Saviour, ever bring light into this darkened world, and may his example fill the thoughts and motivation

of all our desires.

God our Father, in whose presence is always calmness and peace, heal the divisions and dissentions that exist between your children, which separate us from each other, and bring us back into the unity of the Spirit of Love, so that we may bear likeness to your nature and resemble your Son our Saviour as we work and walk for Him.

As those who thirst in a parched place, we wait on you at this time to fill our emptiness, quench our thirst, satisfy our longings and calm our fears.   And we thank you that those who wait on the Lord are never disappointed.   Grant these our prayers and petitions as we bring them to you in the name of Jesus, for your great glory …




Public Prayers & Intercessions 8


Gracious Lord, your loving kindness begins and finishes all good things, grant to us mercy and help so that beginning in your grace, we may end our days rejoicing in your completed work. Enable us to be pliable in your hands so that you may work unhindered in fashioning and framing our nature after the likeness of your dear Son our Saviour Jesus Christ.   Make our hearts to beat with your heart, purify us of all that is earthly,

all that is proud, all that is carnal or cruel, so that nothing in the circumstances of our today or in our tomorrow may prevent us from being and living like Christ.


We pray for all for whom today is a “day of trouble” that you will keep their hearts from fear, concern and sadness.   We thank you that even when there is no hope or help in this world, – when Jesus shows up, everything changes.   To that end may your gracious Spirit, enable us (who profess to be your children) to bring Jesus into the trials and tests in peoples lives. Enable us to carry to them, his calm, his peace, his reassuring words, his mercy – and most of all His Love!   That living in and under the shadow of your eternal wings, they may be strengthened

to overcome all the evils that rise up against them.


Our world is sick and dying, the love of power has replaced the power of love. Our world is separated from the Divine Harmony of the Kingdom of Heaven, and we have been placed here as your Church, to restore that harmony, and build that Kingdom.   We thank you that in every generation, as in ours, you have faithfully manifested in the saints the graces and virtues of Christ.   May we also shine as the Apostles and Prophets did, as lights in a darkened world, to bring help and hope

where there is none. May our examples of godly living and

steadfast faith prompt others to follow Christ,

and to love him as we do.

These things we ask with hope and help in the name of Jesus

who taught us to pray and say … Our Father …