Public Prayers 7


Father in Heaven, we take refuge in your presence from the toils and troubles of life, and rest in your calm assurances and loving care.

We thank you today that as your redeemed ones, your precious possession, we have no need to fear the changing scenes and seasons

of our present times.

While the world may shake and convulse around us, we are thankful that our feet stand on the solid rock which is Christ Jesus.   We have anchored our hopes in Him for all of the storms of this life.

Enable us to remember and rejoice that above the darkest clouds the sun always shines, and that although there may be many pressures and problems here, there is no panic in heaven … for Our God Reigns.


We thank you for the pleasure and peace that flow from a believing heart, and we pray that you will increase our faith and dependency upon your Holy Word, so that in dark and difficult times, that word may enlighten and enrich our lives.

As we read and reflect on the Sacred Page today, open our eyes to see the things we need to see, the things that we need to do, and the people that we need to love and help. Grant us a filling and a fuelling to be on fire for God, brave in the fight against evil, and bold in the fight against wrong.   Make our lives count for righteousness in an ungodly and unhelpful environment.   Yet, dear Father, in all of life’s circumstances, let us not forget to live and love like Jesus did, and even should the world hate us, as it hated Him, let us still love them to the end.


We thank you that Love will destroy Hatred, Good will overcome Evil, Right will triumph over Wrong, and Heaven will prevail over Hell.

Draw near to all who have hope in your Power today. Do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, and what we can do, strengthen and support us to do it well. So that when we come home to you at the last, we might

hear that “Well done good and faithful Servant”

And we ask all these things, In the precious name of Jesus our Saviour


Public Prayers & Intercessions 7


Loving Lord, God of all Hope, our focus and faith are centred in you.

In you we live and move and have our being, in you we have life abundant and life eternal. You have given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, and given freely that we might enjoy the best, for it is your good pleasure to give us the Kingdom and everything in it.

Yet we understand that having it and holding it are often two very different things, for we can never possess it, unless we confess it.

“For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation”.

Enable us Lord to understand that that your ways are not our ways, and that without faith it is impossible to please God.   Strengthen us to accept the Scriptures we cannot fully grasp intellectually, for it is only faith that can unlock the treasure trove of God.   Until we have seen it though the eyes of faith, we cannot see it by our natural vision.   You have called us to bring Heaven to Earth, yet more often we see Hell on Earth.   Grant to us vision and insight to see how we can change our world today. Change that part of the world that is our responsibility, our street, our road, our cul-de-sac, our village, our town … and then our country.


Enable us Lord to bring help to the needy, hope to the abandoned, comfort to the cold, healing to the sick, provision to the poor, and love to the unloved and rejected.   We may only be able to help ONE, but making

a difference for one, will count!

Father in Heaven, look in mercy upon our troubled world, grant us time to mend our ways, time to put wrongs right and time to turn our people back to God.   Stay your hand of Judgement, and pour out instead a Blessing so that the great Harvest, the great in-gathering of Souls may be

Saved in time, before it is for ever too late.   We plead for the souls of our families, our friends and our neighbours, and ask that we may

yet come home with rejoicing bringing our sheaves with us. And

these our petitions and prayers we present at your Holy Throne in the worthy name of Jesus who taught us to pray and say … Our Father …