Public Prayers 3


Almighty and Merciful Father, In your presence there is fullness of joy and at your right hand are pleasures for evermore. Blinded from that Joy and By-passing those Pleasures we neglect time in your presence, and often waste time in the company of others.   Thus we are left to create our own pleasures and past-times and in so doing are impoverished by our way of thinking and our way of life.   Help us to grasp the reality of what it means to have life abundant in Christ, what it means to have joy unspeakable and full of glory.   Satan would have us live like Paupers when we should be living as Priests and Princes with God.

Open our eyes Lord today as we read and meditate on the Holy Scriptures. Not that we might see things merely from an Intellectual or Academic viewpoint, but that we may see in the Spirit those timeless treasures which we can never see in the Flesh. There we believe IS the fullness of Joy and the Eternal pleasures, so Open our eyes Lord.

Replace the Darkness and Gloom of our present times and circumstances, with the Light and Hope that spring from being able to see from a Divine Perspective, with a Divinely given focus on the eternal and not just the temporal.

Enable our eyes to see and our minds to grasp those things that we need to change, those problems that need transformation, those lives that need to be rescued, and those dreams that wait to be realized.   Give us courage to face the immovable and to challenge the imponderable.

Give us faith to believe for the impossible, and love to penetrate the impregnable. Give us strength to tackle the imaginable and experience to change the improbable.   In human weakness give Divine Strength and enable us to aim at excellence in all things so that we may not merely “go about doing good” but that we might “do our best”.   We thank you for the refreshing and renewing power of the Holy Spirit within us, and as we wait today, now in your presence may we find ourselves restored and revived for the days ahead.     Empower and enable us to shine as lights in a dark place into every day of this new week. For we ask all these our Prayers and Petitions in the Saviours name, the name of Jesus, and for His Glory


Public Prayers & Intercessions 3


Gracious Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, by your eternal and everlasting word our world and the universe beyond it, are sustained. In your hand you hold all things in perfect unity and harmony, even to the very air we breath.   None of us could or should say that we are sufficient by ourselves, – for none of us can sustain our own heart-beat for a single moment.   We acknowledge our need of you Lord every day…

and while we need you individually, we also need you corporately.


Our world needs the Saviour. Not only do we need salvation from our sins, but we need saving from ourselves. We are destroying ourselves and the world around us.   We have given little thought to future generations and even less to the consequences of our present actions and activities. We have laid up in store, pollution, pain and problems for generations to come, and every day we add to the debts they must pay.

We have allowed ourselves to be fooled by the Satanic Influences within our world that foster selfishness, greed and power, and have forgotten that it is more blessed to give than to receive, more helpful to lend than

to borrow, and more Christ-like to Love than to Hate.   Our world is breaking and broken, soiled and spoiled, wounded and wearied by our own doing, and Father we need your intervention.

Give us a voice in these days to speak out and to speak up for the right and to oppose the wrong. Courage to fight for the good and against all evil, and give us a glimpse of the glories of the Kingdom to come, so that we may prepare our neighbours and our nation for the Saviours Reign.

There will always be many voices that will oppose what is right, and seek to silence the Preaching of the Gospel, yet we thank you that Jesus Christ will build His Church and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it.   We give thanks that we are now and will for ever be, on the “winning side”   So then Lord, empower and equip us with the whole armour of God, so that being dressed up, we may stand up, and speak up

for your Blessed Son our Saviour, for we ask all these things in His name, who has taught us that when we pray, to say;

“Our Father …….”