Public Prayers 2


Loving Lord, We bow in awe and wonder at the marvels and majesty of your creative powers, your eternal purposes and your unending love;

and because of your greatness and your glory we come with humble hearts and repentant spirits acknowledging that we fall far short of your expectations of us. We have followed for too long the desires of our own hearts instead of the desires on your heart for us. We are too often “earth bound” tied to the temporary and tempting things of this world, and unable, and sometimes unwilling to let them go.

Like little children we have played with the wrapping of your gifts, instead of the gifts themselves.   We have begun to walk on the road of life with God, but have walked without focus.   Thus we have failed to see our destiny and failed to sense our direction.   Our focus has been diverted to the unimportant and the insignificant, and we have failed to understand that the journey is at best “brief” and we must make the most of our time here.   Many of us have even left the road, let go of the grace and guidance of God – and gone in our own selfish ways.   Pardon and forgive our foolishness and our lack of faith, and grasp us firmly and forcefully in the days ahead, so that bound to you and your will and ways, we might succeed in all the purposes you have planned for us.

We do not want to come home to you at the last with “empty hands” as those who have been in the vineyard but have picked no fruit, instead we want to come with hands that are full with the gratitude of our hearts, – home with a harvest, home with a reward, home with rejoicing bringing our sheaves with us.   Yet we acknowledge that we cannot bear fruit without you. Severed and separated from the vine, we are but dead branches that may only be cut off.   So then dear Lord, flow to us and flow through us this week, that the Power of the Holy Spirit might bear fruit in us, and work through us, to win those around us.

To that end then, feed and nourish our souls from the “bread of life” as we partake of the Word of God today. Strengthen our resolve by the word, and support our response to the word, so that a new freedom

and liberty might grace your Church and grasp your Children.

For we ask all these things, with thanksgiving in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

Public Prayers & Intercessions 2


God of Grace and Lord of Mercy,   We know that you are a compassionate God and a caring Saviour, for not a sparrow falls to the ground without your knowing it!   We know too that all your Children are precious and priceless in your eyes, and that you love us with an unending and unequalled love.   Because of this we know then that we can come boldly to your throne and ask for those who cannot ask for themselves.

Dear Father our world right now is being bathed in trouble, turmoil and terror. Everywhere, Men’s hearts are failing them with fear.   There are no “human” solutions to the dilemmas and difficulties we are facing, and when there is no earthly hope, we need heavenly help.   We believe that many if not most of our problems are the judgements which we have brought on ourselves.   Selfishness and Greed, have invaded our values and the love of Power has replaced the power of Love.   Only when we admit our sin, repent and return to God can we expect to see your intervention for good.

So then Father bring us to that place of sincere sorrow and repentance, and enable us to understand that we are all collectively at fault. We have been grabbing when we should have been giving, we have been silent when we should have been speaking out, we have been careless when we should have been compassionate, and we have passed by on the other side when we should have gotten involved.     We have kept our hands clean when we should have rolled up our sleeves.   We have turned our backs when we should have faced our fears.


Look then in mercy on our hurting and helpless world. Heal the broken hearts, Dry those tearful eyes, Lift the fallen sinner, Provide for the hungry mouths, Mend the severed relationships, and Comfort those mournful Souls.   You alone can do it, but we thank you that you have chosen to do it though us the Church.

So then make us a channel of blessing today, and make us a channel of blessing we pray

in the name of Jesus who taught us to pray and to say : Our Father …