New Prayers 2


Father in Heaven, your word calls us to pray always and not to faint. Yet so very often we faint and give up long before we see the answer. There is so much going on in the world around us that prompts us to panic and fear, but we thank you today that our fellowship is with the Father and with Jesus Christ his son, and we have no reason to be afraid.   Your Spirit dwells with us and is in us.

We thank you that the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and his ears open to their cry, and the face of the Lord is against all evil doers.


What a blessing it is to know that we can communicate directly with our heavenly Father; that we can have His one hundred percent attention through our prayers:   yet Lord we often only pray when we need something, and that’s wrong! Forgive us.   You have taught us that prayer isn’t just a time to ask for things; it’s a time to commune or fellowship with you. Help us to learn both how to speak up and how to be silent and to hear what you have to say to us, and receive direction for each day’s activities and challenges.


Help us to learn the secret of communion with God, so that we may not merely be full of words and without works.

Help us to take our prayer life seriously, and spend quality time with the one we speak of as our Saviour. Lord, help us understand and embrace this truth, so that our lives will become richer and we will be more productive in all of our endeavours. We need that continual fellowship with your Holy Spirit so that we may flow and function effectively this week, otherwise, everything we do will be meaningless, and we will have no real spiritual impact.


Lead us now in the worship and praise of this hour, so that the harmonies and melodies of heaven will be caught here on earth

For your dear name sake. Amen


New Intercessions 2


Once again Dear Father we praise you that in the very heart of our Spirits you have placed the heart of God.   Our concerns and our compassions for the blessing and benefit of others is born inside of us of your heart.   We have no real concern in and of ourselves, it is because we have been given the heart of God that we have a heart for our fellow man. So for that reason we come in your holy and awesome presence to intercede for those who cannot and do not pray for themselves.

So often Lord we ignore the law of cause and effect and forget that many of the things we ask for, we have no need to ask, for they are already promised us. Its like asking for fresh air, when fresh air is already ours.   Thank you loving Lord that we may ask for the things we want, for the things we need are already promised to us.


So today we want more opportunity to live and love for Jesus. Greater access to those whose lives we can help change. Greater impact in the world around us, greater influence in the decision making processes that effect our communities and neighbourhoods. – and a greater compassion for one another. Help us to be neighbourly, not just being there when necessity arises, but being there for people all the time, so that they know they can depend on us and on our willingness to love them and help them through times of pressure and problem. You have told us to “love our neighbour as ourselves” yet few of us really understand this and even less do we walk in that kind of love.


Grant to those who Govern us, determination to make things better for all, and to seek the wisdom that is heavenly and holy – so that being led of your Holy Spirit, they may lead the nation back to Godliness and Goodness.   Give us men and women of God in those places where influence matters and where decision making has the greater impact on others.   These and all our Prayers we ask with confidence in the name of Jesus your Son our Saviour, who taught us to Pray and to say …. Our Father …