New Prayers 1


Heavenly Father, we meet over these air waves in your presence to worship you, to focus our attention and our affections on you, and to praise you for the benefits and blessings that come our way when we respond to you as we ought.

We confess that simply saying “Lord I praise you” it isn’t enough, we need to show our praise in this hour for it is our Priestly responsibility as Christians to minister to you Lord – so we want to communicate in our prayers something of the love we have for you, in the very soul of our being, in the very depths of our personality.   We want our worship to be from our Spirit, not simply from our lips, and to be honest and sincere.

And so dear Father we are both mindful and grateful for all the ways in which you have directed and guided us, cared for us and nourished us, protected and provided for us in times past, and we can take comfort in the greatness of your Promises that such goodness and mercy will follow us all our days.

Into whatever days that lie ahead, grant us direction regarding the important issues; and in the same way, give us guidance and enlightenment in our Spirits as to what we need to do in those specific circumstances where we cannot find our way. Give light in our darkness and strengthen and prepare us for any difficulty that may be ahead of us.

May our fellowship with the Holy Spirit become more effective as we learn to listen to Him from the heart. Lord we need you to participate in everything we do – so that nothing destroys, or prevents your blessing flowing into our lives. May we also experience promotion, a moving upwards from one level of glory to another. Enable us to make it a conscious practice to wait before the Lord in prayer, every day, – so that we may experience Divine supernatural protection, impartation and growth as you’ve promised us. Help us experience your presence in this hour and may we hear the voice of God in our hearts, and respond with changed lives.

And we ask all these things in the worthy and precious name of Jesus, our Friend and our Saviour … Amen


New Intercessions 1


Loving Lord, you sustain our lives and our living. In your hand is the very breath we breathe, and we acknowledge our total and absolute dependence upon you.   We cannot claim any credit for our successes in life, for everything we are, everything we have and everything we hope to be, we owe to you.   We rejoice that when we were still lost in trespasses and sin, you sought us out, found us, set your love upon us and drew us to the Cross of Jesus. Our Salvation and our Hopes are in Him, and him only.

Dear Father, we pray today for all those who are facing times of Crisis and Difficulty in their lives. Those who do not know where to turn, those who have no friends, and those who have no visible source of Support. Help them to acknowledge you in their lives so that you can hook them up with the right people, at the right time, for the right answer.   We praise your Holy name that there is no panic in heaven, and that you have ordered all things after the counsel of your own will. You have not consulted with another, for you need no other, and you have the answers we need today for today’s problems.

Where there are hurting souls across our world,- tearful, fearful souls, step into their situations Lord and bring about the changes they so desperately need. Use your Church and your people to bring help to the helpless, hope to the hopeless and comfort to the crying.   Let your Kingdom come in the lives of those around us, so that heavens glories might be seen on earth, heavens peace felt in our homes, and heavens love experienced in our relationships.

Motivate, mobilize and move your Church in these last days to be the salt of the earth, preserving the good and halting the decay – and creating a thirst for the things of God!

Enable us to lose our lives and find them Lord in Thee, and thus attempt great things for God and expect great things from God.

All this we ask, our petitions and prayers in the name of Jesus, your Son our Saviour, who has taught us to Pray

and to say …Our Father