Harvest Intercessions 1


Almighty God, creator and sustainer of our world, we come again in your presence to plead and pray for our world and especially for those less fortunate than we are ourselves. We have acknowledged your bounty and provision, and have been truly blessed in so many ways, yet we are mindful Lord of those who struggle with poverty and starvation across our needy world.   You have provided for us all, and given us the means of distribution of the wealth of resources that are ours, yet because of our greed and carelessness, even selfishness, we have often failed as a nation to show compassion to the hurting.   We give thanks for those with vision who have contributed their time, effort, wealth and manpower to the necessities of others, but we believe that we could do better, and do more! Give us a fresh wisdom Lord to know how best to alleviate the struggles and sufferings of our brothers and sisters in other places. Move and motivate our leaders to grant a sympathetic ear to their cries, and an understanding awareness of their needs. Where crops have failed, and livestock have been lost, where livelihoods have disappeared and populations died, help us to understand the reasons, and act quickly to prevent repetition, and stop the decay.   We thank you that we have opportunity here to give to all kinds of Charitable causes and may we do so generously, out of a sense of deep gratitude to you for the bounty and benefits that are ours. We pray for the farming community here, and for all who work hard and in difficult conditions, to provide food for our table.   We thank you for them, and ask your blessing to rest on them all. Continue Lord to provide for us, both physically, materially and spiritually, so that we may grow in favour with God and Man, and walk humbly after Righteousness all our days. We ask these things in the name of Jesus who taught us when we pray to say … Our Father …..Amen