Easter Prayers 2


Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, we come boldly and confidently in your presence on this Easter Day to give you our heartfelt gratitude for Jesus our Risen Saviour and our Victorious King.   We thank you that Death could not hold its prey, and that He tore the bars away and up from the grave he arose with a mighty triumph o’er his foes, he arose a victor from the dark domain and He lives for ever with the saints to reign, He arose hallelujah, Christ arose!   We truly rejoice in the redemptive price paid for us on the Cross at Calvary, but we take even greater joy in the fact that Calvary was not the end, but only the beginning. Death was not a defeat, but a victory, and because He lives, we can face tomorrow, because he lives, all fear is gone, because we know He holds the future – and life is worth the living just because He lives.

Yet Lord while we take comfort from the fact of the resurrection, and faith in the resurrection, we confess to our shame that many of us fail to enjoy that victorious resurrection experience.   We allow ourselves to be defeated and depressed by the Devil, and we fear when we should fight

to enforce the victory Jesus has already won for us.


Help us Lord at this season to understand that the power of the resurrection, (the Holy Spirits power) that raised Jesus from the dead, lives within us, and vitalizes and energizes our souls: Enabling us to overcome the world, the flesh and the Devil, and to walk as Kings and Priests before God; as Sons and Daughters of the most High, and as the Royal Family of Heaven, here for a season on earth.   Help us right now to determine before God and His Church, to step out of the grave of our past, into the new life of our future, to reach higher than we’ve done before, to aim beyond the good to the excellent, and to succeed with God, in those places where we have failed without Him.


To that end bless the message and meaning of Easter to all our hearts as we wait now in your holy presence. For we ask all these things for the good of your Church and the glory of our Saviour Even Jesus Christ our Lord: Amen


Easter Intercessions 2


Father of Mercies and God of all comfort, we thank you that no one

who has ever truly walked with God, has been a failure.   Success is guaranteed to those of us who call ourselves Christian and who walk in agreement with Gods Word and Way every day.     We are promised the strength to overcome and be victorious as indeed our Blessed Lord Jesus was, over Sin, Death and the Grave.     Enable us to walk in His presence and in His power every day, as did the early Apostles, and like them to prove his enduring kindness grace and mercy even when we fail.


We thank you at this Easter season for all who have gone on before us to their reward leaving behind the example of a firm and focused faith in the righteousness which is Christ Jesus.   We bless your Holy Name, that we cannot and need not fight our battles alone, for that we have already been made victorious in the one who has been our example, the Lord Jesus Christ.   Help us like Him, to resist temptation and let our light so shine that every evil and dark plan will be exposed and destroyed.


Grant to your Church on this Easter Sunday, the hope of resurrection and rapture to their new eternal state, and prompt us to mend our ways and mould our wills accordingly to your soon return .   We realize that we must all stand before you one day, and that we will do so, either as children of the Saviour, or children of Satan. Help us to choose life and walk with God, and to turn our backs on every evil way, for the ways that seems right to men, are often the ways of death.   We pray for those separated from you by sin and selfishness and we ask that your grace will reach lovingly into homes and hearts in this hour and draw many to the Saviours love and mercy.   We rejoice that the price has been paid, the account settled, the work finished, – and that the Saviour now waits for our human response to His Death and Resurrection in our place and as our substitute.     Give to us deciding grace to make the right choice.

Bless all those who are separated from their loved ones and families at this time, and assure us all of an unbroken family circle in the Glory that is Heaven to come.   For we ask all these our prayers and petitions in the name of Jesus who taught us to pray and to say …. Our Father …