New Prayers 10


Heavenly Father, we thank you that you are the God who does not change, all may change but our Jesus never, glory to His name! Yet we live in a changing world, and function in a changing church; but we are slow to embrace change, we seem reluctant to want more of you in our lives and in our circumstances. Forgive us Lord.   Your word shows us that there’s always a higher realm of glory and favour for us; there’s always a higher level of success to aspire to. Regardless of the successes and victories that we’ve experienced so far in our walk with God, there’s still so much more we can achieve! We rejoice that we may ascend higher and move to the next stage in our journey of favour and success, for there’s no end to the glory of the child of God.


Father, we remember the example of your people Israel, who you led from the place of slavery to the place of promise, and who in the course of their journey to the Promised Land, once dwelt in Mount Horeb. But seeing they were making that location a “comfort-zone,” you admonished them through Moses to move ahead.   So then Lord, like them, move us from our comfort zones, for we cannot remain in the same place today that we sat in yesterday, we must move forward, we must go on with God, we must grow up with God, and expect to continually make advancements in our lives.


This is what your Word shows us to be the Christian life; it’s an endless flow of heavenly refreshing and a life of ever increasing glory! You have shown us that for this to happen, we must inundate, saturate the mind with God’s Word and turn a deaf ear to worldly wisdom which is so often misleading and deceitful. We realize that we’ve been called to inherit blessings and not burdens   Father, Make us men and women of the word of God, loving the word, learning the word and living the word. Inspire and instruct our souls today as we wait now in your holy presence – in Jesus name we pray … Amen


New Intercessions 10


Loving Lord God, We thank and praise you for this “Green and Pleasant” place in which we live, and for the bounty and blessing we enjoy every day, and we acknowledge that every good gift comes to us first, from your hand.   We thank you for the food on our tables, the clothes on our backs, and the roof over our heads, and we know Lord that many of us take all this for granted.

Give to your Children a gratitude, a thankfulness that flows and overflows from the heart, so that in giving to others, we might receive ourselves. In seeking happiness for our neighbour we might find it too. Your word teaches us that in giving away LOVE, we end up having more!


We remember at this time those who live in struggle and squalor every day, those who have no food, no clothing and no home. Those who watch as infants are born and die the same day, because their mothers are too weak to feed them.   Those who have never known a crystal clear glass of water, or a decent square meal, or a warm bed and clean sheets.   Those who must bathe in a river, and lie down between animals at night to keep warm.   Those who have never journeyed by car, or flown by plane, or even owned a bicycle.   Lord we have so much, we have everything, and these our Brothers and Sisters in underdeveloped regions of the world – have nothing that they can call their own.


Open our eyes Lord to the plight and the fright of others and then open our hands and our hearts to share with them as best we can.

We remember that giving what costs us nothing, counts for nothing in Heaven.   So enable us to give to where it hurts us, then we will know that it will surely help them.   Give us the compassion and passion of Jesus, who laid down his ALL at Calvary, and who has taught us in following His example, to say “Our Father” …