New Prayers 9

Heavenly Father, we bow in awe and wonder at the splendour of your power, your ability to do for us, in us and through us that which we cannot do for ourselves. Yet we know that it is your will that your Children be “Strengthened with might in the inner man by the Holy Spirit”   We understand Lord that “might” is more than “power” and thus we come today to ask for miracles. We need more than power to live, power to testify, power to resist evil, power to overcome obstacles, we need a greater power to transform our world. We need a “Wonder working” power in the Church today – we need your Spirit back in control and back in the centre of your Church.

We fear that in many places there is a Spirit of Anti-Christ at work today, that denies the power and efficacy of the Holy Spirit. Yet to deny the Spirit is to deny Jesus! He is the Baptiser in the Spirit and Fire. Lord send us the Fire, to burn up the dregs of the past and heat up the battle for the future.   We are at war with evil and we cannot win without you, so this is what we plead and this is what we need.


We thank you that when there is the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Church and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, Satan’s plans are hindered and thwarted, and the lives of men and women, boys and girls are delivered, saved from the clutches of hell.

Encourage us today to press through in the place of prayer, and never to grow weary or tired. No matter the strength of the opposition that comes against us now and in the future …   May the testimony of Jesus and His Lordship in our lives and in our living become unstoppable and unmovable.

We thank you that right will triumph over wrong, good over evil and truth over deception, and the gates of Hell will not stop us snatching our neighbours and our nation from the devils grip.

So inspire us and empower us today as we wait in your presence and feast on your word, we ask it for your Great Glory and our

Greater Good – in Jesus name AMEN


New Intercessions 9

Loving Lord God, We are conscious that we are living in stormy times, not just experiencing natural storms, horrifying as they can sometimes be, but we are living in Spiritual storms, and our world is seemingly limping from one crisis to another and no one seems to have any answers.   Nationally and Internationally there are problems and pressures facing our leadership like never before. We are like the Disciples of old, on board the vessel and facing shipwreck. Yet we thank and praise you that in that vessel,

Jesus was below and fast asleep.


We thank you that “there remaineth a rest to the people of God”.

We thank you that while there may be panic and peril all around us, there is no panic in Heaven. You know the end of this story and you are ordering all things – bringing all things into line with your great and eternal purposes and plans.   We do believe that before the Days of Tribulation there must be preparatory sorrows. So today we are asking Lord that you will grant us grace, like Jesus, to be calm in the storm, to be restful in the crisis, and to be prayerful in the purpose behind it.


Lift us above those things that may frighten us, hold us higher than those things that could hurt us, and give us vision loftier than those things which may trouble or test us.   So that our faith and our future might always abide where they should, in the hand of our wise and loving Father God, and our elder Brother Jesus.


We rejoice that being held in your hand, nothing can move us, or remove us. – neither death, nor life, principalities nor powers, things present or things to come, height nor depth nor anything else in all of creation can never ever be able to separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.   With this kind of confidence dear Father lead us out into the world into the days of this new week, to work and win for you, and we ask these our prayers and petitions in the Saviours name, who himself has taught us to pray saying … Our Father …