New Prayers 4


Heavenly Father, we rejoice in the knowledge of the truth that

as Christians, as believers, we are called to fellowship with the Holy Spirit. And in the same way that the disciples walked with Jesus, we can have him walk with us too as we experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.   Your word shows us that The Lord Jesus promised us a comforter, a counsellor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, the Holy Spirit, in his place, to represent him, and act on his behalf, and that He would teach us and lead us into all things.

These are the blessings that daily fellowship with the Holy Spirit brings into our lives and for which we are truly thankful. Into the days of the new week ahead, may He teach us, counsel us, help us, defend us, strengthen us and always be there as our standby when our own natural strength fails! Teach us how to rely on him.

We know that the Holy Spirit is not a fire, a smoke, a wind or a dove; He’s a real person. He’s meant to be the secret and source of our life and living.

We bless your holy name that as He talks with us and we talk with Him in prayer – He shows us what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.   We need never be confused about anything when the Holy Spirit guides us. We may call him Spirit but he answers to the name of Jesus.

Lord help us surrender completely to his control so that He may work through us, speak through us, function through us, and love through us as we seek to advance your kingdom in this place.

Open our eyes now to a holy and heavenly vision of what you can do with us, in us, through us and for us in these days, and may we become ever more pliable in your hands, and ever more useful in your house.

We ask these things for your great glory and our greater good.

In Jesus name



New Intercessions 4


Heavenly Father, We thank you that there is a glorious life promised to all of us who claim Jesus as our sin bearer and Saviour, and we thank you that we may walk in that glory today,

it is not about “pie in the sky when we die” but all about the abundant life here and now.   Enable us to catch the glories that are ours and to become infectious in sharing those benefits and blessings with others around us.

This world is hurting, there are many in tears and in trouble. Many in debt and in danger of losing everything. Many in sickness and suffering physically and mentally.   We need to minister to them, we need to help them, we need to free them to the life that Jesus offers, we need to show them our way of living and our way of loving, but we cannot do it ourselves Lord, only you can do it through us, as we open our mouths, open our hands, and open our hearts to your Lordship and control.

Forgive us today our lack of real concern.   Forgive us when we pray and do nothing to bring about the answer, forgive us when we work and do nothing to bring about change, forgive us when we speak and do nothing to transform the situation.   Forgive us when we are all talk and no walk.

Help us Lord to see that we have been given a transferable glory, we can give people the desire to live and love again, we can give them hope and help for the future, dreams and visions of better things – for in Christ, the best is yet to be.     We thank you for the plans and prospects awaiting every Child of God.   For the even more glorious days ahead of us. 1000 years of the Saviours reign amongst us. 1000 years of heaven on earth. 1000 years free for ever of sin, sorrow and sickness. 1000 years when nothing will

be forbidden and nothing will be denied.

And yet, even this – is only the prelude to the Glories of heaven that await us.   So Lord, give us back the spring in our step and the song in our heart today, and send us out into our world to claim it, and change it, and save it, for the sake of him who gave up his life on a Cross for it, – who has taught us Himself, to pray and to say

Our Father …