New Prayers 5

Heavenly Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, in self weakness and humility we stand in your presence, not in any of our own merit, but in that which has been transferred to us in Jesus Christ. We thank you that all human weakness can be transformed into a supernatural strength as we confess and possess Jesus as Lord, and believe unquestionably in your word.

The great apostle, prompted by the Spirit said, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. And we believe that Like Paul, we ought to make this our constant confession; the ability of the Spirit has been granted to us to achieve supernatural results in life. Your word reminds us that “… we are not sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency

is of God“.   We thank you that YOU are able!

We take comfort today in the partnership we share with Jesus, a cooperation Gifted to us so that we may therefore look beyond what we can do – to what you can do through us.

Our confidence does not rest in our own intellect or in our own physical prowess, because now (in Jesus) there’s a divine energy available to us. That energy is the power of the Holy Spirit which we must put to work, and allow to work every single day.


With you, Lord – nothing is impossible. Enable us to Cultivate the “I can do mentality” and be possibility – conscious. No matter how difficult it may look, never to say it can’t be done. Instead enable us to be thankful to God for the greater power that works in us mightily.   So then Lord may this divine energy that’s at work in our lives make it possible for us to accomplish all of your will and purposes into this new week.

Inspire and equip us today to attempt great things for God and expect great things from God …

in the mighty Name of Jesus we pray, – Amen.


New Intercessions 5


Loving Lord God, our hearts are heavy and weighted down with the terrors and troubles of the world in which we live.   We do not have to go to Africa or India to see mayhem and madness – it is often visible on our own streets.   The Devil has stolen our peace, perverted our humanity, and warped our thinking. We have become pessimistic, dismayed and hopelessly confused, both inside and outside of your Church. Instead of being over-comers, be have been over-taken by the world, the flesh and the Devil.   Today Lord we seek your help and your hand to tear down the works of evil.

Satan has for too long had us on the run, yet you have told us that if we resist him, (strong in faith) then He will FLEE from us!

Today Lord we want to put him on the run. We want to put the brakes on his freedom, to put a spanner in his works, to put a thorn in HIS side, to set his plans back years – and to serve notice on Hell today that the Church of Jesus Christ will win in the end.

Lord we confess that we have been running from our responsibilities, running from our calling and running from our commission because we have allowed fear to enter into our thinking. We have opened up the door to fear, and with it we have welcomed doubt, worry, weakness and weariness. Forgive us Lord, and give us Grace today, to put off these evil things once and for all, to silence the Devil, shut him up and shut him down.


We want to close our ears and our minds to his lies, and to walk out boldly with God, hand in hand with the Saviour, into the days that lie ahead, knowing that if God be for us, who can be against us?   With your partnership, we will go out unafraid and unaffected – and come back undamaged and undefeated. Oh the power of God that has been granted to the Sons of men. Open our eyes to see it Lord and open our hands to receive it.

We simply ask you to make our lives to count for the Saviour and make our Love to challenge the Sinner.

We ask these our prayers and petitions in the Saviours name, who has taught us to pray and to say … “Our Father …”