New Prayers 7


Heavenly Father, you have gifted us in so many ways and behind all of those gifts is the power and efficiency of the Holy Spirit to work on the Human Spirit and mould us into Christlikeness. We sometimes fight change in the Church but may we never fight the master Potter as he moulds the clay of our lives into his design and pattern.

We Praise you today that if your blueprint is followed the effectiveness and excellency of the Human Spirit

in us, – will make us outstanding on the job; consciously and consistently strengthening the gifts, talents, abilities and special skills you have placed within us.

We recognize that you have granted us a wonderful blessing in the Spirit filled life, and that we ought to take advantage of this blessing and learn to both prove and improve it everyday.

You have so much more for us than we often expect.


Grant to us efficiency in our studies, efficiency in our use of time, in our stewardship of money, in our productivity and resourcefulness.   In every area of our lives enable us to yield to the excellency of the Spirit you have placed within us.   Not just that we may make it ahead of our peers, but that we may show to them and the world that there is so much more that is achievable when we are resting in Jesus and not labouring by ourselves.

As you strengthen these qualities in us Father, we will become a trophy in your hand, an example to the world, and dependable to render excellent service always.


Save us from half-heartedness in the things of God, and give us a heart like Caleb, who wholeheartedly followed his Lord.

As we read and study your word now, may there be both information and impartation to our Souls, for our growth and grace in the days ahead.

In Jesus name we pray …. Amen


New Intercessions 7

Loving Lord God,   We look around us today at the pain and problems of our world. We are particularly mindful of those who are struggling to come to terms with the damage and devastation caused by civil unrest, terrorism and anarchy evident worldwide


While Governments and local authorities struggle to find the answers and the available resources to help make things better, we believe that only your grace can mend the heartache and the heartbreak of so many. Give to your Church and to your people a tender caring heart in these times, and enable us to open our Hands and our Holdings to release what help we can to those in trouble.

We believe that you have been preparing us for the crisis and difficulties that have come upon us, that they are indeed the “beginnings of sorrows” spoken of by the Saviour himself, and that we now need to prepare our nation and our neighbours for stressful times ahead. This is why we are called to shine as Light in dark places. We thank you that we can truly make a difference; as we bring hope and help in Jesus name, we can influence and change peoples circumstances. We can bring a wisdom into the struggles that is not earthly but heavenly and provide a calm and a peace where panic and turmoil reign.


So lead us out Lord into this new week, prepared and preserved for the unknown and the unexpected, knowing that we have partnered with the Almighty, with the one who is in our tomorrow as well as in our today.   We rejoice that with Christ in the Vessel, we may smile at the fiercest storms.   Hold us fast and hold us firmly in your powerful hand…. And we ask all these our prayers and petitions in the Saviours name … who has taught us to Pray and to Say … Our Father …