Prayers 11

Almighty and merciful Father, Lord of all Heaven and Earth, King of Glory, we humbly and reverently bow in awe in your Holy presence. We acknowledge you as our Creator and our Saviour, and offer you the living sacrifice of our lives and our love in gratitude for your mercy towards us. We are grateful that we can come freely into your glory and into your presence through the shed blood of Jesus, who by his Death and resurrection purchased for us on the Cross, our redemption and our forgiveness. We thank you that he has taken our sin, all of our sin, past, present, and future in his own body on the tree, and that paying the price for our salvation, we no longer need fear the consequences of it. Lord we shall for ever, for all eternity be grateful for that sacrifice and substitution made on our behalf. May Jesus Christ be the centre of our praise and Worship today, and the praise of the whole earth both now and in the coming Kingdom. We bless your Holy name for the plan and purpose on the heart of God for our world, yet we have been regularly forgetful and careless of God and his word and ways. So we acknowledge with humility that we must return to the old paths, and leave the lure and call of the world behind us, in order to pursue Christ and be found in him. Give us then the grace we need for repentance, so that we may easily let go the old life and embrace the new life in Christ. Father, be patient and long-suffering with your people, so that we may not suffer in the wrath to come, but rather enjoy the benefits and blessings of the Children of God. Give us a heart and an understanding to love and learn your Word, and order our lives thereby, and lead us in paths of righteousness all our days, for your greater glory and our earthly and eternal good. We ask all these our prayers in the precious and worthy name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, AMEN

Prayers of Intercession

Father of all mercies and God of all comfort, we come before your Throne with confidence today, knowing that you are a gracious God and a tender Saviour. Thus we can ask your blessing on those less fortunate and apparently less blessed than we are ourselves. We see our world in turmoil, we hear the cries of the poor, the hungry, the suffering and the sick, the hurting and the dying. But we know Lord that you also hear these cry. Look with compassion upon our world, and stay your hand of judgement at this time, so that we may have opportunity to put right the things we have done wrong. Give us more time to mend our ways, and turn from greed and selfishness to your laws of love and generosity. Help us all to value the world in which we live and to count as precious the resources and provisions you have blessed us with. Enable our world leaders and our Governments to act wisely as they apportion the wealth of nations so that all may benefit and not just some. Comfort those in pain today, those who are heartbroken, those who are lonely, those who feel unloved, those who feel abandoned and forsaken, those who are tired of life, those who are weary of work, and those who have no friend. May our hearts and hands be full of loving compassion and care for one another, and our mouths be full of praise and gratitude for our Saviour. Move and motivate your Church, the Body of Christ into action, that the dead and dying traditions of men may be replaced with the living and life-giving word of God. May your Church be re-born to great and glorious works that will herald the coming Kingdom, and the coming King, and may all the world be given the opportunity to “taste and see that the Lord is good” for we ask all these our prayers in the blessed name of Jesus who taught us when we pray to say

“Our Father …….Amen”