Prayers 12

Almighty God our Heavenly Father, with gratitude and praise in our hearts we worship in your awesome and mighty presence, conscious of the glorious privilege that is ours to so do, because Jesus has made us his own bought possession. We thank you that we are not redeemed with corruptible things such as silver and gold but with the precious blood that still avails for sin for ever. We rejoice in your tender mercies and in the grace that gives us favour and blessing with God. We know Lord that you take pleasure in your Children, and we ask that you will be pleased with the words and worship of our hearts in this hour. May we be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge, in our understanding of your message for today. As we read and ponder the word may it grip our Hearts, stir our Passions, and mark our Lives! Enrich our Home and Family life, and Reward all Mothers and Fathers, Parents and Children, Relations and Friends, so that the blessed presence of Jesus who graced the wedding in Cana of Galilee may grace our homes and hearts also. Forgive our lack of love, lack of understanding, lack of compassion and care, and lack of tolerance toward one another, and help us to enrich the lives of others by loving as Jesus did, without favouritism. Bless those who are loveless, and lonely, and may our arms and hands hold on for your sake, to those who despair of life and the future. Give courage to the weak, boldness to the fearful, and light to those who sit in dark and cruel places. Help us to put away hatred, strife, anger, jealousy, bitterness, and selfishness, and enable us to be clothed in the garments of Salvation, of Justice of Righteousness and of Peace. For we ask these things in Jesus name, and for His dear Sake, AMEN

Prayers of Intercession

Lord of all Life and Father of all mercies, we humbly and reverently kneel at your feet to plead the cause of those less fortunate than ourselves. Looking around us, we must acknowledge that we are such a blessed people. We live in a green and pleasant land, and have regularly more than enough and to spare. Yet we know that our brothers and sisters across the world often hunger and thirst, with little or no supply, and many die without help, without hope and without God. We confess before you, that we are at times oblivious to their plight, and indifferent to their tears. Yet you have called us to a caring and sharing ministry within your Church, and we cannot be without guilt if we “pass by on the other side”. Strengthen and Supply your Church with the practical means to alleviate suffering and hunger, and grant vision and vocation to many who will count it all joy to be a part of a ministry to those in trouble. Lord, we give thanks for this season of the year, for springtime and harvest, summer and winter, sunshine and rain, and for all the blessings that have enriched our lives. But with great privileges, come great responsibilities, and we cannot continue to ignore the duty and direction of your commandments. So then help us to love our neighbour, across the street and across the world, for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Father in heaven, look in mercy upon all who weep, all who sorrow and all who suffer loss, and comfort those who mourn the parting of dear ones at this time. We bless you that you are still the source of all comfort, and the Prince of Peace, and we ask these our prayers in the mighty name of Jesus, who taught us when we pray to say, “Our Father” … Amen