Prayers 13

Loving Father, we bow in awe and worship at your feet, with hearts overflowing in gratitude that we may so come to you, knowing that we have such liberty to come because Jesus has paved the way before us. We thank you that the word became flesh and dwelt among us leaving us an example that we should follow in his steps. We confess that so very often, we walk anywhere and everywhere but in his steps, and we do what you permit rather than what you would prefer. Have mercy on us and lead us by your Holy Spirit always in righteous paths so that we may know your abiding presence, peace and power in our lives. We thank you today for your Holy and Inspired Word. Enable us to learn from it, and live by it, and love like it commands us. Help us to understand the blessings that you have promised us so that unlike those who are Blinded by Satan and Sin, we may see the way to faith and fulfilment in life. We know that it is not enough to just believe the word, we must learn to claim the word for ourselves and walk in its victory. Like children, we have so much to learn and so much to discover of your great Heart, so help us to be obedient and faithful, and to aim at holiness without which none can see God. Open the storehouse of Biblical treasure to us now as we read and mediate upon your word, and grant that we may not only hear the word, but obey it. Bless all who worship today, and bless those who have joined us in the Sanctuary by radio, so that over these air waves your voice may speak louder than the voice of the Preacher, and your Spirit may search our Hearts and Save our lives from the things that can destroy and distress us. And we ask these our Prayers in the precious name of our Saviour and Friend, the Blessed Lord Jesus, Amen:

Prayers of Intercession

Almighty God our Heavenly Father, We gather in your Presence to Pray and to Intercede for those less fortunate and seemingly less blessed that we are ourselves. Yet in doing so, we acknowledge that our often impoverishment, is invariably not because you haven’t given, but because we haven’t received. Greed, Selfishness, Pride and Envy have regularly left us divided from one another and we are strangers to hospitality and friendship. Sin has created “the have and the have-nots”.

Help us to break down the walls of division and the walls of selfishness and to share generously with one another the good things that belong to us all, the blessings you have provided. Draw near to those who need help today, relieve the pain and plight of many, remove worry and anxiety, stress and depression, and help those who search for purpose and meaning in life to find the answers they look for in Jesus Christ and in loving him. We acknowledge that religion cannot meet our needs, but a relationship with God through Jesus Christ can revolutionise life and living. We pray for the sick and suffering around us in our world, and thank you that Jesus Christ is still the great Physician, and the sympathizing Saviour. Create faith in hearts today so that prayers might be answered, pain might be relieved, suffering ended, and joy restored. We thank you for all who have given of their time and talents to minister to the sick and those in Hospital. May their sacrifices bring blessing, and their devotion bring its own rewards. Thank you for those who have been restored to health and healing in this past week, those who have been released from Hospital, those who have returned to work, those who have been reunited with their families. We ask that the Miracle granted them, will be given to all. We leave these our petitions in your Sovereign care and ask them in the name of Jesus who taught us when we pray to say …..

Our Father …. Amen