Prayers 14

Almighty and Merciful Father, we praise you today for the precious privilege that is ours, to come to you as your Children and speak with you as to a Father, none able to make us afraid. We know that you are a Holy God, and that we ourselves, fall far short of your Glory, for we are creatures of earth, earthy, fleshy and worldly. Yet we can claim today and every day the covering and cleansing of the shed blood of Jesus our Saviour and friend. In him we live and move and have our being and in Him we can come right into your Glorious presence to worship, praise and pray for ourselves and for one another. How awesome is your presence and power, how majestic are your works and how far reaching is your love and how patient is your mercy. We thank you for the Bible, your Inspired and Inerrant Word, for its light and life, for its direction and guidance, for its enlightenment and encouragement. Today as we read and study it, may it truly be “light in our darkness” and from that light may we be enabled to love you more dearly, follow you more nearly and see you more clearly. You have told that that lack of understanding will destroy us, so enable and empower us by the indwelling Holy Spirit to grasp these precious truths that will transform and transfix our minds, our wills and our motives. Help us every day into this new week, to know what it is to “Walk with God” nothing distracting or diverting us from the purposes and plans that you have for us, and nothing hindering or halting the overflowing of your love from our hearts. We thank you that we are your workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto Good works that we might show to the world that by Faith in Jesus we can have and enjoy Life abundant and Life eternal. We pray that you will bless us and make us a blessing today, and we ask this for the sake of Jesus our Redeemer, and for His Glory … Amen

Prayers of Intercession

God our father, Creator and Sustainer of all that is good, we bring our Petitions and Prayers to your Holy Throne, in the worthy name of Jesus. You have told us to pray for one another and to live for one another and to love one another. Yet we cannot love our neighbour without feeling the pain of their plight, and the heartache of their hurts. Many both here and across our world are suffering today and crying out for help, but we feel there is so little that we can do. We need your Help, we need your Wisdom, your Compassion, and your Love. Touch our hearts and hands to reach out in practical and prayerful ways, so that we may make a real difference in their lives. Father in Heaven, you know that many in our hurting world cannot and do not pray for themselves, They have no Faith, they have no Saviour and they have no Hope. We plead for them today, that you will enable your Church to bring a message and a measure of hope into their despair, and that where darkness reigns, a new light, the light of the Glorious Gospel, might shine and succeed in bringing about the changes needed. Give to our Politicians and our Political Leaders grace to work together for the good of all, and help those in such privileged positions to always remember that with privilege comes responsibility, and with responsibility, comes accountability. Teach us all to number our days, knowing that we must all stand before the “judgement seat of Christ” and grant that in that hour we shall only hear the “Well done, good and faithful Servant”

We pray for our own Province, and for all who seek to find a better way of life for us all. Remove from power all those whose only ambition is selfish, and place in authority those who will gladly and graciously put others first. We ask all these our petitions and prayers in the name of Him, who taught us when we pray to say … “Our Father” Amen